Keerai Moarkootu

1 big bunch Paalak

1/3 cup moong dal/arahar dal

3 green chillies

1 tbsp urad dal

4-5 spoons of grated coconut

1 tsp jeera

1 cup sour curds

oil to temper

1 tsp mustard seeds

Clean the paalak leaves and cut them fine. Add enough water to the dal, and cook the dal and paalak in the cooker. Blend the cooked dal and paalak

Roast the urad dal till the color changes. Grind to a paste the chillies, coconut, urad dal, and jeera. Add the paste to the blended paalak, add the curds and cook till the boiling starts. Add salt, mix well and remove from fire.

Temper with mustard seeds in hot oil.

Reposting this recipe for Kiran’s Cooking with whole foods- Spinach– hosted by Vardhini

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