Tomato rasam



Lemon-sized ball of tamarind

2 medium-sized tomato

1/3 cup arahar dal

1 1/2 spoons Sambar/Rasam powder

1 tsp of jeera and mustard

1 tsp of ghee

pinch of asafotida

pinch of turmeric powder

1 tsp salt

coriander and curry leaves to garnish

Soak the tamarind in hot water for 10 min.

Rinse the dal in water and add enough water in a bowl for the dal to remain soaked. Add the turmeric powder, and tomatos and pressure cook till the dal is done. Drain the water to a container and mash the dal till pulpy.

Remove the cooked tomatos and mash in the vessel to be used to make rasam. Add the pulp from tamarind, rasam powder, salt and boil for 10 minutes or till the raw smell of the powder is gone. Add the mashed dal, the dal stock and hing powder.  Add enough water to get about 4 cups of rasam. When it starts boiling remove from fire and garnish with finely cut curry/coriander leaves.

Temper the mustard and jeera in a spoonful of ghee and add to the rasam.

Serve hot.


One thought on “Tomato rasam

  1. hahahahaha I just made rasam . It is simble I say I realised. But on that note, I fail to understand why rasam and sambhar have different tastes. They practially have the same things.

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