Toor dal 1 cup

Chana dal 1/3 cup

Urd dal one handful

Raw rice 1 cup

Red chilies 5

Ginger 1″ piece

Coconut 3 tbsp

Curry leaves 4 sprigs

Salt 11/2 tsp

Wash the rice and dals well and soak for a little over an hour.

Drain t he water from the dal and grind them well along with the chilies, ginger, coconut, curry leaves to get a semi-solid consistency. Add just enough water to get the correct consistency for the batter. The batter should be thicker than the dosa consistency. Add salt and mix well.

Heat the griddle and when hot enough pour about a ladle of t he batter and spread in concentric circles till it is thin enough. Add a few drops of oil along t he edge of the adai and when cooked well, flip to cook the other side.

When done, serve with milagai podi, butter or jaggery.

Oil to roast the adai


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