Jeeraga Rasam






Another rasam your way!

This time it is one of those rasams that was considered a therapy following system cleansing.  In the earlier days, it used to be a custom or I can say even a ritual to give castor oil in the morning to every member of the househlod!! naturally it acted an absolute cleanser short of getting the gut out I guess! This was basically a method to detox the system and tune it for sumptuous meals that were to follow in the coming days. Following such cleansing the system was served with not so heavy a meal for tuning. Jeeraga rasam or milagu (pepper) rasam along with sutta appalam (roasted papad) was considered the best remedy. No cooked dal was used and the rasam used to be devoid of tomato or asafotida too.

My version with a twist and as liked in our house is posted here. I avoid garnishing with coriander leaves to maintain the peppery-cumin flavor.



Tamarind    1 lemon-sized ball/ 1 tbsp pulp

Tomato 1 medium-sized

Salt 1 tsp or as per taste

Chana dal 1 tbsp (optional)

Toor dal 2 tbsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Peppercorns 1/2 tsp

Red chillies 4

Curry leaves  3 sprigs

Ghee 1 tsp

Mustard seeds 1 tsp

Asafotida 1/4 tsp


  • Soak the dals and jeera for 30 minutes. Soak the tamarind in hot water and extract the pulp in heavy bottomed vessel.
  • Roast the chilies and peppercorns in a few drops of ghee till it gives aroma.
  • Grind the soaked dal, jeera, roasted chilies, and peppercorns along with the curry leaves to a paste. Mix the paste in tamarind extract till blended well. Add salt  the tomato puree and cook till a fine aroma is given out and the dal gets cooked. Make up the final volume to about four glasses.
  • Temper the mustard seed in ghee and add asafotida to the rasam.
  • Serve hot.

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