Pudina Thogaiyal

Although I categorize this as chutney I prefer to call this “thogaiyal” as it is meant to be a mix for rice and not a side dish.

2 cups of fresh mint leaves (clean and wash them in plenty of water)

1medium-sized onion (cut to any size but not too big)

Small lemon sized ball of tamarind (soaked in just enough water)

5 red chillies

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp salt (or to your taste)

2 tbsp chana dal

1 tbsp urad dal

1½ tbsp oil

Heat 1  tbsp oil in a wok and let the cumin seeds splutter. Transfer the tempered cumin to a bowl and in the same wok add the remaining oil. When the oil is hot add the onion and saute till color changes.

Transfer the onion to the mixie bowl and add the chilies and saute them on a low flame till the color changes and the aroma starts. Add the dals and roast till done.

Transfer the  roast to the  mixie bowl and on a very low flame stir the mint leaves till the aroma whiffs and switch off the flame. Let the mint remain in the wok for sometime.

add the tamarind scales also to the mixie bowl and grind all the ingredients to a smooth paste. If needed, add a spoon of water.  Add the mint leaves and salt and grind to a nice paste.

Transfer to the bowl containing tempered jeera and mix well.  Serve with rice.

Cook’s Note: In case you want to store the paste for a week or two, instead of sauteing the leaves in the heat of the wok, grind the green leaves with the remaining ingredients. make the mix a little thin.

Heat oil in a wok, splutter the jeera and and add the mint paste and saute well on a low flame for 5 minutes or longer (till the color changes to dark green) and the paste thickens. If the need be add a little more oil and saute till the past leaves the sides of the wok.  Store in a dry container.


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