Manga Thogaiyal (Bhojana Korada)

Raw mango 1 (medium-sized)

Green chillis 3 small or 2 large

Ginger 1″ piece

Coconut (grated) 2 tbsp

Crushed jaggery ½ tsp

Salt  ½ tsp

Mustard ½ tsp

Urad dal  3tsp

Oil 1 tsp


Peel the mango and cut into small pieces. Grate the ginger or cut into small pieces.

In a frying pan add a few drops of oil and saute the chillies. Transfer the chillis to the blender and roast urad dal in the pan till it starts changing color and gives an aroma.

Transfer the roasted dal, mango, coconut, ginger, salt, and jaggery to the blender and grind to a fine paste along with the chillis.

Rinse the blender with little water and transfer to the paste.

Temper the mustard in the remaining oil and add to thogaiyal. Mix well and enjoy with rice or chapathis :).