Curry Powder for veggie roasts


White sesame  2 tbsp

Dry red chillies 15 (40 g)

Coriander seeds  1 handful (½ cup)

Cumin seeds ½ handful (¼ cup)

Pepper corns 1 tbsp

Tamarind 3 or 4 scales

This powder comes very handy to make roasted vegetables like potato, colacasia (arbi), sweet potato, or raw banana.


Roast the sesame seeds in a pan on low flame till it changes color and starts spluttering. Keep it aside for cooling.

Add a drop of oil and roast the chillies only till the color starts changing but do not let it turn black.

Roast the remaining ingredients on a low flame till aroma starts and ensure it is not overdone.

Powder the sesame seeds and transfer to a bowl.

Powder the cooled chillies till coarse and add the remaining ingredints and powder well to get a fine powder.

Transfer to the powder sesame in the bowl and mix well.

Store in a dry container and can be used for at least a month.


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