Curry Powder for Green Veggies


Red chillies 12 to 15

Coriander seeds 3 tbsp

Chana dal 2 tbsp

Urad dal 1 tbsp

Cumin seeds 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds ½ tsp

Tamarind 3 scales


Add a drop of oil to a hot pan and roast the chillies on a low flame till the chilli aroma is smelt. Add the tamarind and roast for another minute or two. Set aside for it to cool.

Add coriander seeds to the hot pan and after a minute add fenugreek and cumin seeds. Remove from fire as the smell of the spices starts coming out. Roast the dals on low flame till the color changes slightly and you get the aroma.


This spice powder full of fresh aroma is excellent for curries such as okra, brinjal, beans, cluster beans, cauliflower and so on.

Chef’s Note

In case you want to add coconut to the powder you can add  2 tsp of dry coc0nut powder while blending the mixture. Otherwise roast 2 tbsp of freshly grated coconut till it turns brown and loses moisture and add to the mixture while blending. Remember to store the powder in refrigeration if coconut added.



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