Venn Pongal (4 servings)


Raw rice 2 cups

Moong dal  ½ cup

Water  5½ cups

Ginger  1 tsp (grated)

Slit Green chillies 4 (small) or 2 big

Pepper 1 tsp and cumin 1 tsp (powdered coarse)

Salt 1 tsp or to required taste

Cumin seeds 1 tsp

Asafotida  ½ tsp

Curry leaves 3 sprigs

Cashew  10

Ghee 1 tsp

Oil 1 tbsp


Roast the rice and moon dal on a slow flame till the rice starts looking opaque (takes about 3 to 4 minutes) as it enhances the flavor of dal. Wash the rice and dal well with water. Add half the salt to the mix, add water and pressure cook such that the rice is soft and kind if mushy. if the need be mash the dal and rice to get a semi-pulpy texture.

Heat oil in a kadai and let the cumin seeds splutter in it. Add the pepper/jeera powder keeping the tempered jeera on low flame. Add the chillies, asafoitda, curry leaves and as the leaves splutter add the remaining salt. Add the tempered condiments to the mashed rice.

In the same kadai heat ghee and fry the broken pieces of cashew till they turn golden brown. Add to pongal, mix well and serve 🙂

Coconut chutney, tomato gotsu or puli inji makes an excellent side dish for pongal.

Chef’s Note

Instead of adding the tempered ingredients to cooked rice, you can temper them first in the cooker, add the washed rice, add water and cook till done.


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