Pudina podi



pudina podi

Very often spice powders come handy  for flavoring or for a quick mix and bite when in a hurry. Mint by itself is a herb  with an overpowering flavor that can be felt for miles!

A small addition of this spice powder has a way of enhancing the veggies taste and flavor immensely. It can be divine when mixed with steaming rice along with a dollop of ghee or oil.


Mint leaves   2 cups

Red chillies 10

Tamarind  3 or 4 scales

Chana dal   ½ cup

Urad dal     ½ cup

Salt  1 tsp (heaped )


  1. Wash the mint leaves well,  drain out all water, and spread them on a cloth, paper towel, or newspaper to remove all moisture.  Place the leaves on a plate and leave them in bright sunlight for the leaves to dry. It may take about a few hours or two days depending on the heat intensity.
  2. When the leaves feel dry and crisp powder them finely using a blender.
  3. Roast the chillies (if need be use a few drops of oil) till the color changes and you get an aroma.
  4. Roast the tamarind scales, add salt and roast till dry. Add them to roasted chillies and blend to get coarse powder,
  5. Roast the dals till it turns golden in color. Cool them and transfer to the powder in the blending jar and blend to get a fine powder.
  6. Transfer the powdered ingredients to a dry bowl and add the powdered mint also and mix well.  Store in an airtight container.  If all ingredients are dry and moisture free stays good  even up to a month at room temperature.



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