Dosai Milaga Podi



Red chillies  100 g

White sesame seeds 100 g

Urad dal  200 g (1½ cups)

Chana dal 100 g (¾ cup)

Tamarind 4 to 5 scales (areca-sized ball)

Salt 2 tbsp

Sugar 2 tsp


  • Roast  sesame in a pan on low flame till it starts turning brown.  Transfer to a plat e and let it cool.
  • Add a few drops of oil to the pan and roast the chillies on low flame till the chilli starts swelling up and aroma wafts along.  Cool the chillies to room temperature in a plate. Roast the tamarind scale in the pan and add to chillies.
  • Add the two dals to the pan and roast them dry till the color starts changing and add the rock salt/table salt and let it get dry.  Cool it to room temperature.
  • When all ingredients have cooled to room temperature, blitz sesame to a fine powder and transfer to a plate. Transfer the chillies and tamarind to the blender and blitz it to powder. As the chilli may still be in a flaky form add half the dal and powder finely. Transfer to the plate with sesame.
  • Transfer the remaining dal to the blender, add sugar and grind to a coarse powder. Transfer to the remaining mix and mix well. Store in air tight bottles

Makes two bottles of podi.

Chef’s Note: If you like asfotida flavor in podi, roast ¼ tsp asafotida powder along with dal.


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