Paruppu podi (Spiced lentil powder)


Paruppu podi, a  roasted and spiced lentil powder is a common accompaniment with hot rice laced with ghee in many South Indian households even today. A handy powder has its variations with different states. The Andhrites love it with garlic whereas the Karnataka folks use desiccated coconut in the powder. A typical Tamilian household uses arahar dal, red chillies, and peppercorns in the powder. I make mine with roasted Bengal gram and cumin added to the basic ingredients.  Often dry roasted curry leaves are also added in th spice.


Arahar dal 1 cup

Roasted gram  (Pottu kadalai)  ½ cup

Dried Red Chilli  6

Pepper corn ½ tsp

Cumin seeds ½ tsp

Asafotida 1 pinch

Salt 1 tsp


  • On a low flame, in a heavy-bottomed wok dry roast the chilies. As it starts giving the aroma add the pepper corns and cumin seeds and keep roasting by stirring with a wooden spatula till cumin releases aroma. Transfer to a platter.
  • In the same wok dry roast arahar dal and as  the color changes to golden brown add asafotida and roast for for 30 seconds.  Transfer to the platter containing the other ingredients.
  • After switching off the flame, dry heat the salt in the remaining heat of the wok and add to the platter.
  • .Transfer the ingredients to a blender and blitz till you get a coarse powder. Add the pottu kadali to the mix in t he blender and blitz to a fine powder.
  • Transfer and store the powder in an airtight container.
  • Has shelf-life for at least a month.

Chef’s note:

You can add a different taste by taking equal amounts of moong dal and arahar dal instead of plain arahar dal.




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