Tamarind Paste

Imli paste



A ready stock of tamarind comes handy in many preparations such as Sambahr, kuzhambu, rasam, puli kaachal when you are in a hurry or even as additive for sour taste in place of amchur (mango powder) in stir-fry  dishes.  An urge for chutneys as khatta-meetha chutney, imli ka chutney can also be quickly made when t he paste is on hand. A well spent time of 15 minute to 20 minutes goes a long way up to a month easily, that is. if the stock does not get over  by then! I always store a bottle of this pulp on hand, but it somehow didn’t occur to me that I should post this in the blog until I decided to do this Rasam series.


Seedless tamarind 250 g (1 cup)

Water 1 cup


  • Take the tamarind scale in a metallic bowl and add about one-third cup of water. Place the bowl in a pressure cooker and steam it for two whistles.
  • On cooling blitz the soaked tamarind to make a paste.
  • Transfer to a colander and mash it with your fingers to bring out as much pulp as possible.  If the pulp is too thick to pass through the sieve add some water from the remaining two-thirds cup  to filter as much pulp as possible. The pulp collected with 2/3  cup of water is as thick as what is shown below. The fiber left behind is just about the size of a marble

  • Collect the pulp in a wide thick- bottomed pan and thcken it on a low flame for 5 minutes.
  • Transfer to a bottle on cooling and can be stored for about a month.


  • A measure of 1 tbsp of pulp equals  the extract from a lemon-sized ball of tamarind.
  • If you are at leisure, you can soak the tamarind in a bowl and leave it overnight in the refrigerator and skip stemin in the pressure cooker.
  • Needs no additive as salt or oi as the acidity of the pulp preserves it

Imli paste


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